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Membership Plans

Green Relief Health members enjoy an exceptional value, along with privileges and benefits that are exclusive for Green Relief Health members. Green Relief Health Membership Plans are designed to reward our most loyal guests with incentives and special offers that only Green Relief Health Members can receive. We know how important it is to look beautiful and feel confident in your own skin, so we make it easy! Becoming part of the Green Relief Health membership plan will allow you to be able to enjoy a range of Green Relief Health services like Botox, Dysport, IV therapy, chemical peels, fillers, and more in a timely and affordable experience. 

Our membership program is about more than great skin – it’s about building confidence and setting aside time for yourself. Having great skin requires a combination of things such as quality skincare products, regular treatments, a healthy lifestyle and balanced mind. Our membership program makes our client’s self-care a priority.

Call today at 410-368-0420 or schedule an a complimentary consultation to discuss how our medical spa membership program can benefit you.


Elite Skin

$ 250

✓    Botox at $10 per unit (unlimited)

✓    15% off any fillers

✓    10% off any products

✓    10% off any chemical peels

✓     Complimentary birthday facial






Platinum Rejuvenation

$ 400

✓    Botox at $10 per unit (unlimited)

✓    15% off of any fillers

✓    10% off of any products

✓    10% off any chemical peels

✓    Complimentary birthday facial

✓    4 free high dose B12 booster shots per year

✓    20% off IV drips



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