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With our state-of-the-art medical treatments, you will feel beautifully rejuvenated and look fabulously younger.


Reverse the sign of aging and recapture your youth.


The most advanced, clinically tested nonsurgical treatments available.


Volumize lips to achieve natural looking enhancement.



Reduce the appearance of wrinkles and age lines.


Improve the quality and appearance of your skin.

IV Therapy

Recover. Replete deficiencies. Feel better.

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Skin Rejuvenation Skin Rejuvenation

Facial Rejuvenation

Reverse the signs of aging and recapture your youth.

IV Drip Therapy IV Drip Therapy

IV Drips

Specialized IV drips and boosters that maximize health, performance, beauty, recovery, and wellness.

Dermal Fillers Dermal Fillers


Restore lost volume and create contour and lift instantly.

Botox Injection Botox Injection


Reduce the appearance of wrinkles and age lines.

Vitamin and Booster Shots Vitamin and Booster Shots

Vitamin & Booster Shots

Push your mental and physical limits and give your body a boost.

Lip Filler Lip Filler


Add volume to plump lips, smooth lines, or lift and contour.

Dr. Nawrocki shares her time between treating patients at a local hospital, teaching at a local university, and helping patients with the latest anti-aging treatments, IV nutrient therapies, and more at Green Relief Health in Baltimore. She personally sees each patient for their medical aesthetics services, IV nutrient therapy, or other services. She is a certified Botox, Dysport, and Dermal Filler provider. Dr. Lauren is also a certified IV nutrient therapy expert.

Lauren Nawrocki

Lauren Nawrocki DNP, CRNP
Josh Gigliotti is our Quality Assurance Manager. Josh joined the Green Relief Health team in 2021 after years of management experience with many leading national brands. As Green Relief Health’s Quality Assurance Manager, Josh is responsible for developing and overseeing an effective quality management system to continuously identify opportunities for improving the patient’s experience.

Josh Gigliotti

Josh Gigliotti Quality Assurance Manager
Ryan Nawrocki is Green Relief Health’s practice manager. He enthusiastically believes in our core values and strives to provide world class patient care and service. Ryan works every day to make sure the administrative aspects of the office run smoothly, manages staff efficiently, and handles patient concerns. His experience running large and small operations has given him the knowledge and expertise to provide the practice with the necessary tools to help patients look and feel their best.

Ryan Nawrocki

Ryan Nawrocki Practice Manager
Gabby Rogers has been practicing aesthetics for several years. She has gained extensive experience treating all different skin types. Gabby specializes in many different skin treatments and waxing techniques. She finds it very fulfilling to connect with her patients, establish trust, and give personal attention to detail and client needs. Gabby regularly works to widen her knowledge and improve her skills as she strives to offer the best possible level of service to her clients.

Gabby Rogers

Gabby Rogers Aesthetics
Injectables Safety

Injectables Safety

FDA Approved


Fast Results

No Down Time

Painless Procedure

Natural Looking Results

Targeted Treatment

Reduce or Eliminate Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Extremely Easy To Administer

Virtually No Side Effects

Stunning & smooth Read More Skin resurfacing techniques like a chemical peel are the best way to maintain or rediscover your unique beauty.


Elite Skin

$ 250
  • Botox at $10 per unit (unlimited)
  • 15% off any fillers
  • 10% off any products
  • 10% off chemical peels
  • Complimentary birthday facial

Platinum Rejuvenation

$ 400
  • Botox at $10 per unit (unlimited)
  • 15% off any fillers 
  • 10% off any products 
  • 10% off chemical peels
  • Complimentary birthday facial 
  • 4 free high dose B12 booster shots per year
  • 20% off IV drips

Facts you need to know ahead

Your initial appointment at our clinic will be a consultation, where we will discuss your appearance-related concerns, examine potential areas of treatment, go over your treatment options, and discuss realistic results.



Our treatments are exceptionally safe, and will not make your face look frozen, or immobilize you in any way. They simply work to counteract the effects of natural aging, making your skin appear a lot smoother and younger.


Procedure Preparation

Before your treatment appointment, we will provide you with instructions to help you prepare for treatment. Avoid blood-thinning medications. You should also avoid anti-aging skincare products, particularly Retinols. Do not wax, bleach, or tweeze treatment area and do not drink alcohol.


Privacy policy

At Green Relief Health, we take privacy very seriously. Our commitment to privacy is equal to our commitment to providing patients with compassionate care. At our facility all your records are stored in a HIPAA secure way.


Age limit

You can benefit from injectables as early as 18 years old and see great results until 75 years old or more. Since everyone’s skin is different, and everyone ages differently, there is no specific age where you should consider treatments.

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