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Natural Growth Factors Facial Rejuvenation

Are you considering Natural Growth Factors facial rejuvenation, but you aren’t entirely sure what the procedure is or what to expect? Do you want to reduce fine lines and wrinkles while getting you skin to glow? If so natural growth factors treatments might be exactly what you are looking for. However, you probably have many questions about Natural Growth Factors like is it safe, is it effective, and how does it work. This article is going to walk through all of that to help you understand if Natural Growth Factors is right for you.

What Is Natural Growth Factors Facial Rejuvenation

Natural Growth Factors is short for Platelet Rich Plasma. Natural Growth Factors facial rejuvenation treatments utilize platelets from your own blood to help promote collagen growth and regeneration in your face. To create Natural Growth Factors, your provider will extract a small amount of your own blood and spin it in a centrifuge to concentrate the platelets in the blood. This involves nothing more than a simple blood draw right before the procedure is done.

This platelet-rich mixture is then injected directly into an area of the body where it releases growth factors to naturally stimulate the collagen production process. While Natural Growth Factors is relatively new in the world of cosmetics, it has been used for years in other areas of medicine like sports medicine where professional athletes are looking to recover from an injury quickly.

Natural Growth Factors differs from other therapies like fillers and injections in that it stimulates cell generation and collagen rejuvenation which provides total facial rejuvenation. This provides total facial results as opposed to addressing just one area of the face. Hyaluronic acid fillers such as Restylane and Juvederm fill in specific lines and folds, whereas Natural Growth Factors improves overall volume, fullness, and skin tone. 

Now you may be thinking can Natural Growth Factors be used in combination with fillers? The answer is absolutely. At Green Relief Health we provide patients with the right combination of Natural Growth Factors facial rejuvenation treatments and fillers to have you looking your best.

Natural Growth Factors Facial RejuvenationWith Microneedling

At Green Relief Health we combine our Natural Growth Factors and microneedling treatments to give your face an even better result. Now, you may be asking what is microneedling. Well, microneedling is a procedure that utilizes a device with extremely small and nearly painless, needles. This device creates micro injuries over your face. These tiny injuries cause your body’s own immune system to respond by working to repair the areas that are affected. The result is that it naturally stimulates collagen and elastin production in the areas where the microneedling was done. This will improve texture, elasticity, tone, and color of your skin. Microneedling is particularly effective at treating fine lines and wrinkles.

In combination, Natural Growth Factors and microneedling can be extremely effective at supercharging your facial treatment. The small punctures created by microneedling act as the perfect way to allow the Natural Growth Factors to penetrate into your skin. Since both Natural Growth Factors and microneedling stimulate collagen and elastin production, the combination of the two together creates an even greater effect.

What To Expect During Your Natural Growth Factors Facial Rejuvenation & Microneedling Treatment?

At the beginning of your treatment the team will draw a small amount of blood from you and place the tube into a centrifuge machine that separates the red and white blood cells from the platelets and plasma. That platelets are what is needed to help your repair your skin and collagen.

While the NATURAL GROWTH FACTORS is being prepared the team will typically clean your skin and get it ready for treatment. This involves putting on a topical numbing cream to minimize and discomfort from the microneedling treatment. At this time the tube will be removed from the centrifuge machine. The plasma will have been separated from the red and white blood cells and will have a golden color. This NATURAL GROWTH FACTORS is what will be used as a serum on your skin where it begins to work its magic.

Once your topical numbing cream has had time to take effect the microneedling procedure will occur. During this time your provider will use an FDA-approved device, the SkinPen, on your face to create many micro injuries that will stimulate collagen and elastin production. Generally, the microneedling procedure should take no more than about 30 minutes.

After Your Procedure

When the procedure is finished your provider will typically apply a serum or balm to your skin to help soothe any redness or irritation you may experience. After this is done you will be free to go home and enjoy the rest of your day.

The aftercare instructions from your procedure are very simple. It is extremely common for there to be some redness for about 24-48 hours after your procedure. This is normal so you shouldn’t be worried about any redness or irritation you experience for one to two days after. As you are recovering from your procedure you will simply cleanse once a day and moisturize as necessary. It is also important to use sunscreen after your procedure.

One thing to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t use any alcohol-based products or exfoliants while you are recovering. Until your skin is completely healed you should avoid any activities that will cause excessive sweating and heat production. This could mean things like running, heavy workouts or going to the gym should be avoided. These should generally be avoided for about 72 hours after the procedure.

When Will You See Results?

Everyone is a little different because our bodies all heal and create collagen at different rates. Generally, if a patient is very aware of their skin tone and texture, they could see results in just a few weeks.  For others it may take longer to see the full results. For some it may take a month or so to see results. However, don’t think that that changes you see in the first month are your results. Your skin will continue to heal and improve with the full results not being visible for 3 to 6 months.

How Many Natural Growth Factors Facial Rejuvenation Will You Need?

While you will see some results from one NATURAL GROWTH FACTORS treatment that is not generally recommended to give you the optimal results. Typically, 3 NATURAL GROWTH FACTORS and microneedling sessions are done to complete a treatment course, and each treatment is spaced about 30 days a part. Once your treatment course is done you will see results for about 12 months.

Natural Growth Factors Facial Rejuvenation Facial Rejuvenation Next Steps

If you are interested in a NATURAL GROWTH FACTORS facial rejuvenation the next steps are to schedule an appointment with a qualified practice like Green Relief Health. If you’re ready to restore that youthful glow to your face, NATURAL GROWTH FACTORS with microneedling is a fantastic way to start that process. Just call the Green Relief Health office or use our convenient online scheduler to get your appointment on the books.

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