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Is Eyelash Tinting Safe and How Often to Tint Eyelashes-min

Is Eyelash Tinting Safe and How Often to Tint Eyelashes?

         Eyelash tinting is today’s modern approach to eyelash beautification. As they say, the eyes are the windows to one’s soul; hence, the eyelashes are the curtains that safely conceal the soul inside these windows. They are instruments of teasing before the owner allows entry and pour their souls out to the one in front of them. That’s why; we need beautifully tinted eyelashes that can speak volumes with just a simple twinkle.

         Today, let’s learn more about eyelash tinting and how often one should undergo this modern procedure. Read until the very end and discover if eyelash tinting is for you to try out.

Everything You Need to Know About Eyelash Tinting

Like famous stars and celebrities, not everyone is blessed with naturally fluttery eyelashes. Most of us need mascara wand waves to help us have that perfect doe-eyed look.

However, imagine if we don’t have to bother with mascara. Not only would you avoid dreaded under-eye smudges coming to your lunchtime, but it could also mean a couple of extra minutes in your comfy bed in the morning. Anyone of us would love not to hit the snooze button. The treatment is eyelash tinting; you can do it during your lunch break without downtime.

What is Eyelash Tinting?

Think of eyelash tinting as getting your proverbial roots touched up. The eyelash tinting dye will intensify your natural lashes by darkening them and adding definition to the eye. The paint is similar to what you use on your hair, except it’s specifically developed to be safe around the eye. It will only take around 40 minutes to achieve your desired tint. This outcome will depend on where you go, and unlike getting highlights, that can leave any of us looking like tinfoil satellites for at least a good number of hours.

Eyelash tinting also has the added benefit of making lashes look instantly thicker without 100 coats of mascara (which generally results in many clumps). Compared to mascara, it also lasts quite a long time.

How Long Do Eyelash Tints Last?

On average, eyelash tinting lasts around one month. Tinted lashes will gradually start looking lighter and lighter, not because the dye has faded but because the lashes coated with lacquer have slowly dropped out. At the same time, your lashes drop out naturally. That’s already a signal, a hint, for another treatment, and so forth.

To get your money’s worth, you can do a few things to extend the results of a lash tint: You can prolong the wear of the dye by refraining from any harsh skincare products and, of course, sun exposure. As with chlorine water, the center of our universe has a bleaching effect. Wear shades and goggles to prevent and use a gentler makeup remover, especially around the eyelashes.

Why Do You Need Eyelash Tinting

Eyelash tints are ideal for those of us with fair hair, whose eyelashes tend to stand out less because they are lighter. If we have dark lashes but want them to be more noticeable, the better option is a lash lift. This lift acts as a pushup bra for your lashes, giving them more volume and making them appear more fanned-out.

A tint will suit everyone’s lashes but get a patch test 48 hours before the treatment as some people can be allergic to the dye or chemicals used, similar to getting a test done before you go bleach blonde at the hairdresser’s.

Love looking in the mirror, but I hate how your lashes and brows look when you look back. They aren’t coming across as quite bold as you are, correct? Today’s market covers you if you want to trade your brow pencils and mascara for a get-up-and-go look. Define and contour your eyes with precision eyelash tinting and related eyebrow services that allow your natural beauty to shine and come out through your eyes. After all, who doesn’t have some simple beauty boost that turns heads?

Eyelash and eyebrow tinting services offer a pretty pop of color that lasts up to six weeks. That’s over a month of entirely maintenance-free color, giving you fuller features that make it easy to go makeup-free more often! The tint application process is quick, and the results will help define your stunning new lashes or brows.


Custom Eyelash Tinting

Beauty is in the eye of its beholder, so there’s no one-size-fits-all. With tinting, choose a completely personalized, beautifying experience instead. Combine our expertise and industry-leading products to achieve refined perfection. Together, we will create a stunning look you’ll want to flaunt day in and day out.

Natural Dyes to Make Your Natural Beauty Shine

Leading medical spas take your health seriously. The lash and brow dyes are plant- and vegetable-based, gentle, and created specifically for use on eyelashes and eyebrows.

Time-Tested Eyelash Tinting

Eyelash tinting experts put your safety above all else. Specialists are perfectionists; they use every precaution to keep your eyes safe during the application and tinting process. You can rest easy knowing that your beauty and health are in good hands with us.


Just dream of a world where you could cut your morning prep time in half. Eyelash experts can make those dreams of beautiful brows and lashes come true. Both brow and lash tinting create an effortlessly beautiful look. Eyelash tinting services provide you with a natural, carefree look. With eyelash tinting experts on your side, it’s easy to wake up with flawless features you love. Schedule an appointment today! But read first until the very end.

The TLDR of Eyelash Tinting:

When our lashes only magically appear once you’ve applied mascara, this treatment is the go-to when dealing with eyelashes.

Before you book your appointment, there are a few things to be aware of about eyelash tinting. Lash tints are ideal for anyone looking to accentuate natural lashes. This procedure is suitable for you unless you have any contraindications or allergies that can prevent the treatment. But if you have issues that may include watery eyes, active hay fever, eye infection, or reaction to the patch test, then you must avoid this treatment.

DIY Eyelash Tinting: Is it Possible and is it Safe?

You can purchase a wide range of at-home eyelash tinting kits. However, it’s essential to consider the risks before going ahead. As your eyes are such a delicate area, the worst-case scenario is going blind (dramatic, we know), so if you’re not confident with your application skills, it’s best to leave things to a professional to avoid accidentally getting the dye in your eyes or shuddering.

Final Thoughts on Eyelash Tinting

Eyelash tinting might be the treatment you’ve been waiting for your lovely lashes. Schedule an appointment now but first, make sure to have consultations before undergoing the procedure. Eyelash tinting is impressive. But if not executed properly could only mean disaster.

Do you want professional help with your eyelash tinting? Our amazing friends at Green Relief Health can help you today. Visit them now!

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